Who is Recruit Robin?

Recruit Robin was one of the winners of the TA-Live start-up competitions and they will be interviewed on stage april 18th by Anna Ott. Since they are new, we’d thought we’d give them a chance to introduce themselves.

The elevator pitch: What do you do?

“Recruit Robin automates sourcing for recruiters by using A.I. that performs sourcing and pre-screening for them.”

What separates you from your competitors. What makes you unique?

“Since our automated tool only requires a job description, users do not require any sourcing knowledge such as boolean search or X-ray searching techniques to find relevant candidates.”

What is your ambition? Where do you see Recruit Robin in five years time?

“At Recruit Robin, we’re a big fan of Verne Harnish’s Rockefeller Habits 2.0. It states that everything between the next 90 days and your ultimate end goal is a wild guess. So, we find it hard to say where we want to be in five years.

Our end goal is to make “Robin” the first thing that comes to mind when you think about finding suitable candidates, just as Google is the first thing you think about when you’re thinking about finding answers on questions. In our terms, that means that 10.000.000 professionals should know us and we have a minimum of 200.000 active users.”

Our host Anna Ott will be interviewing you. She is involved with a HR tech investment fund and she’s one of the most knowledgeable people on HR Technology start-ups in Europe. If you could only ask her one question, what would that be?

“What is in your opion the biggest challenge to realize global adoption of Recruit Robin?”

And what is the question you are afraid she will ask you on stage?

“What is your retention rate? And how do you finance growth?”

Want to know if that question is going to be asked? You can find out on the 18th of April at Talent Acquisition Live.

The winners of the Startup Competition: the Disruptors and Recruit Robin

It was an exciting race, but the winners of the Startup Competition are known. The Disruptors and Recruit Robin are the winners of this years competition and will join us the 18th of April at Talent Acquisition Live.

The Disruptors

The Disruptors believe in disruption. Not to disturb but to get better, to grow. They think differently, they do differently. They challenge you and the organization. They put our fingers on the sore spots, on painful problems and assume simplicity instead of complexity. They offer a powerful approach that is necessary to be and remain relevant.

Recruit Robin

Let A.I. source for you. With Robin, you find qualified candidates fully automated, from multiple platforms and for multiple vacancies at the same time. Using Robin, anybody can find the best candidates everywhere while doing other activities in the meantime.

Partner package

The winners won a partner package worth €2000,- and will give a presentation during TA-Live. Go see them on the 18th of April and register here.

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