The winners of the Startup Competition: the Disruptors and Recruit Robin

It was an exciting race, but the winners of the Startup Competition are known. The Disruptors and Recruit Robin are the winners of this years competition and will join us the 18th of April at Talent Acquisition Live.

The Disruptors

The Disruptors believe in disruption. Not to disturb but to get better, to grow. They think differently, they do differently. They challenge you and the organization. They put our fingers on the sore spots, on painful problems and assume simplicity instead of complexity. They offer a powerful approach that is necessary to be and remain relevant.

Recruit Robin

Let A.I. source for you. With Robin, you find qualified candidates fully automated, from multiple platforms and for multiple vacancies at the same time. Using Robin, anybody can find the best candidates everywhere while doing other activities in the meantime.

Partner package

The winners won a partner package worth €2000,- and will give a presentation during TA-Live. Go see them on the 18th of April and register here.