The lessons learned by using the Onerecruit data platform


Arnout Kampen is Online Recruitment Marketeer at DMG, a major retail organisation in the Netherlands. They have 18 consumer brands of which  Mandemakers Keukens, Keuken Kampioen, Woonexpress and Piet Klerkx are the best known. De Mandemakers Groep offers qualitative and affordable living by offering Kitchens, bathrooms and furniture in +-450 different stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. For support they have 3 large companies that handle all aftersales: De Keukenman, De Meubelman and De Badenman.


In the Netherlands they have about 3.500 employees and 900 vacancies a year. About 45% of all positions is retails staff and 55% is HQ, logistics, transportation and kitchen fitters. This load is carried by 4 recruiters, 2 online recruitment marketeers and a recruitment manager.


At Talent Acquisition Live Arnout will talk about the lessons learned in the past few years using the Onrecruit data platform to optimise his recruitment marketing automation. We had a chance to ask him some questions upfront.


What’s the most difficult part of the process been?


Definitely making sure that I was getting the right data. When you are not gathering the correct data in the first place, it is impossible to get to the right conclusions and take action based on this data. What makes it hard is that you have to deal with different sources like your website data, ATS, referral data, e-mail agent etc. Only when you can combine all datasets in one connected database you can really act on your data. It is so hard to get this right that even now we can still improve. In my breakout session I will share where we are and what parts still needs work.


What was way easier than you expected in the process? 

To get sh*t done, that is what is way easier than I thought in the beginning. Seems that when you have a well thought out plan supported by data it is easy to get stakeholders to join your proposal. If you have a good plan and you have the data to support it, it’s not that hard to get buy in from management and hiring managers.


Can you give some examples of things you learned from the data that you didn’t expect?

I think you can only understand the true value of a channel if you measure it end-to-end and with attribution of all channels to a candidate. Some channels look good, but don’t convert or only convert for certrain jobs.

One example is the website They had great conversion rates over all jobs in 2019 from click to application but data shows that only our retail staff and kitchen fitter jobs were converting to hires. Based on this information we decided to stop advertising via this channel for our HQ jobs. We of course double checked the data by checking all sources per candidate that attributed for the conversion. This way we were pretty sure the we’re not losing candidates.


Another example is Indeed. For some jobs you can sponsor with infinite budget, you still won’t get a suitable candidate. For DMG the data told us Indeed is a great platform, for 60% of our jobs. The rest just doesn’t give good value for money or are easy to fill jobs which we don’t need to advertise for.


We’re looking forward to Arnout’s session at TA-Live where he will share more learnings on using data to optimise his recruitment marketing.


Join his session at TA Live on March 12th. Buy your tickets here.