TA Managers in Germany: the vision of Judith Nguyen

As a Talent Acquisition manager you are responsible for the recruitment strategy. The nature of this process depends on the country or region you are located. In this series we will showcase this. Last time we talked about the Netherlands, but what does it look like in Germany? Judith Nguyen (IDAGIO) will tell you.

What do you want as a TA manager?

“My mission in life is to connect and inspire people, because so many great things can happen if the right synergies are created. In my role, it is my biggest passion to place the right people in the right company, creating the highest possible value for the business and the candidates. I love to learn about people, who they are, what they’re good at and what they don’t like.  So when someone tells me about themselves, I immediately think about who would benefit from knowing them and in which way I connect them with someone in order to bring them forward. Having something great come from a connection that I have established is a huge driver in my life.”

What do you miss?

“In life? In Talent Acquisition? I can tell you what I wish I had – a teleporting machine that could take me to all the great TA events all over the world.”

Which technology/tools do you use and what could or would you want to use?

“We’re currently using a great ATS, but all the interview coordination, for example, is still done manually. Often it’s a question of budget as well as being able to take the time to evaluate weather a new tool or a new technology makes sense, or not.”

What is your tip for other TA managers?

“Stay open, stay humble, stay hungry. If you’re tired, take a break. I stay humble by putting myself in the shoes of applicants and empathising with their experience. We’ve all been on the other side, so as long as we stay human, open-minded and friendly things should be ok.”

What does TA look like in your country?

“Working in Talent Acquisition in Berlin is super exciting! The city is buzzing with opportunities and it has been for a while now. There are meet ups about everything TA almost every evening. People care a lot about diversity and inclusion and simply really enjoy their work and want to learn more, even in their free time, after working hours. There is a lot of cooperation and support and great networks that you can become a part of, like the TA labs, organised by the people at Zalando and the amazing Matthias Schmeißer, or the Purple Squirrel Society, a HR association through which I have met so many fantastic people.”

Background of TA Managers in Germany

Based on data of The European Recruitment Dashboard we give an insight in the background of TA managers in Germany. We looked at the ratio men/women, age, work experience and experience abroad.