Sourcing without sourcin



Aron Schilder is the CEO of Recruit Robin. A sourcing tool, and recent winner of the recruitment tech award for best technical innovation, so you can source without sourcing. He will be joining the TA-Live sourcing contest and in a session demo how his tool compares to manual sourcing and join the contest for the TA-Live sourcing award.


Sourcing without sourcing, how does that work? 

In our vision sourcing is outsourced to software. So you basically hand over the task to smart technology. We believe recruiters make the difference in the interaction between people. Not in finding them. That’s why we build a tool to find them.


If the entire proces of finding people is done with technology, and it’s about the human interaction, isn’t this something hiring manager, or start-up founders, should be using? Why are agency recruiters currently your main clientele?

We want to build the best product. In order to do so, we also want to learn from the people that now sourcing best, which are agency recruiters. While learning from them we help solving one of their biggest challenges; find talent. As soon as we included their knowledge in full, we will invite other user persona’s to benefit from it.

Why do you think so many full cycle recruiters spend so little time sourcing?

We noticed they actually spend quite some time on sourcing. On average 30%, which is 1-2 days on a weekly basis.

So you believe technology can eventually take over the entire searching process of sourcing?


I believe technology will eventually take over more than just sourcing. Besides our domain ‘sourcing’, more and more tools are developed for other stages of the recruitment process. However, people decide whether they adopt technology. They will be the biggest influencer of actual change in processes.


How long will it take before most of recruitment is automated? 


When I was introduced to the recruitment industry 12 years ago, I believed we would already be their by now. Now I’m thinking that in another 5-7 years most recruitment agencies will have adopted automation in for their sourcing process.

At the same time you will still find some that work with excel and not even adopted an ATS yet.


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