Sofia Broberger: “Every mail with a candidate must be personal”

Standard emails? Don’t start if you want to get a response. “Write to one person, and not to hundred”, advises Sofia Broberger, soon to speak on Talent Acquisition Live.

About Sofia Broberger

Sofia Broberger is a well-known sourcer of technicians in Stockholm, Sweden, where she works for Bonnier Broadcasting, one of Scandinavia’s largest television companies. In September she is in the Netherlands, where she will be speaking at the new international event TA Live, about the value of e-mail in communication with candidates. Werf& spoke with her.

Why do you believe in the power of e-mail?
“It is both a strong and a quick and easy way to get in touch with someone. Most people have their mail on their phone, so you have a better chance to get in touch with them than via LinkedIn. And an email is also less intrusive than a phone call. E-mail is not dead, and it is not just something for older people. But you need to use it properly.”

What do you want to learn your audience in Amsterdam?
“My main message is that you do not have to send out standard templates, on which you write the same to everyone you contact. Precisely with an e-mail you have to send a personal message, tailor-made to the recipient, with only relevant content for him or her. I will tell in September what I think the main reason is that I get answers to almost 70 percent of my emails. I also show what kind of content I use and how I make the messages I send very personal.”

Is the GDPR a threat to e-mail marketing?
“Not at all. It is a chance to build a personal bond with candidates.”

How do you make your e-mails ‘target-oriented’?
“That always starts with you thinking about wat your audience want. Know your target audience. Write to one person, not to hundred. In my opinion, good content is content that is relevant to the person who receives it. In my case, for example, I would like to share content about the company that I represent and what the candidate can expect when he or she comes to work with us.”

What is the main pitfall?
“You can’t send one e-mail and expect that there will always be immediate response. You have to make the mail personal, and then you always have to provide follow-up. Then you achieve the most success.”

Looking for even more response to your e-mails? At Talent Acquisition Live on September 20, Sofia Broberger, tech recruiter at Bonnier Broadcasting, explains how she manages that. Register here if you want to hear her secret.

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