Second breakout session by Richard Hutchinson

Our second breakout session is known: Talent Generation & Innovation Director (Capita) Richard Hutchinson will tell you all the ins and outs about a new way to reach candidates.

Candidates don’t need to talk to you to find out all about what it’s like to work at your organisation. So, we need to stop spending 80% of our time attempting to get strangers to talk to us and we have to take an entirely different approach; which is all about nurture marketing and data analysis. Adam Gordon from Candidate.ID will do the introduction.

About Richard Hutchinson
Richard Hutchinson is passionate about recruitment and specifically talent attraction, sourcing and engagement; as he puts it, “the exciting and critical part of the recruitment life cycle!” Richard is responsible for talent attraction and innovation for both Capita’s internal recruitment as well as their large Capita Resourcing (RPO). He cherishes the opportunity to enhance talent attraction and innovate across multiple employers.