Richard Hutchinson: “Develop a content strategy that nurtures candidates through the pipeline”

Richard Hutchinson is the talent generation and innovation director at Capita Resourcing, one of te biggest UK staffing firms. April 18th, he will be talking at Talent Acquisition Live about nurture marketing and data analysis. We had the pleasure of talking to him beforehand and asking him his vision on innovation in Talent Acquisition.

Richard, you are responsible for resourcing at one of the biggest UK staffing firms. Can you give us some numbers?

“Capita Resourcing has around 750 employees, Capita Group around 75.000. In terms of recruitment I’m responsible for recruiting circa 16.000 hires annually. Approximately 2.000 contractors managed at one time. The key sectors I’m recruiting for are:

• Transport
• Utilities
• Energy
• Defence and Security
• Public Sector.”

You used to be head of sourcing at Capita. Now you are talking about nurture marketing. What made you change?

“Fundamentally my role is about talent generation – generating and engaging candidates across both attraction and sourcing channels. In order to develop an “attract in advance” capability we need to shift towards developing nurtured pipelines of talent that are relevant to the future hiring needs of our business. Whether it be through candidate marketing activity or through pro-active sourcing our intention is to build a database of relevant and engaged communities. In order for us to move away from having a database of candidates to talent pipelines it is essential for us to develop a content strategy that nurtures candidates through the pipeline.”

Is it one or the other in sourcing and recruitment marketing or do you think they complement each other?

“I think they absolutely complement each other. Our approach to building our engaged talent communities is a combination of candidate marketing activity via channels such as social media, programmatic, PPC and so on and pro-active sourcing/networking. In both scenarios our focus is on building valued relationships with candidates.”

You are currently also the innovation director at Capita. What innovation in TA are you most excited about?

“There are lot’s of innovative solutions that excite me at the moment – looking at the recruitment process there is an abundance of different SAAS providers across most stages of the process. I am particularly interested in sourcing automation using products like Pocket Recruiter and candidate nurture tools, such as candidate.ID, that help us to automate our content distribution and also track engagement levels.”