The biggest trend for 2019: even more personal contact with the candidate

2019 has started and we have much to look forward to, our own Talent Acquisition Live for example! But what else can we expect this year? At the first edition of Talent Acquisition Live, in September of 2018, we asked experts of the field what they think the trends for 2019 will be. If we can predict one trend already for 2019, it is that the relationships with candidates will be even more personal than they already are. ‘Recruitment and marketing will melt together even more’ said one of the visitors for example. ‘We need more talent that knows about both disciplines.’

To sell a dream

Nick Eaton, one of the speakers on the event, was speaking about ‘selling a dream’ instead of ‘shortlisting and interviewing’, the work where recruiters are known for traditionally. He saw a near future of communities, where it is about engagement with candidates.

Other interviewees also spoke about the more personal approach. But… it has to be digital, and with speed when reacting. Another subject also plays a big role: the GDPR: ‘I have the feeling that not everyone has embraced it’, said one of the visitors. ‘But it is these rules that make it even more imporant than ever to have personal contact with the candidates.’

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