‘Recruiters should embrace chatbots, but don’t give up control’

Chatbots can dramatically influence the way recruitment is done, claims Matej Matolin, Head of HR at STRV and speaker at Talent Acquisition Live 2018.

Recruitment chatbot

Chatbot at career site of STRVWith his company STRV he partnered with Jobpal, a recruitment chatbot company. This chatbot can be deployed almost instantly, but Matolin warns that you aren’t done yet: the chatbot still needs to learn a lot of information from you. Especially at the beginning, the bot usually needs help with every second question. But the more the bot is used, its accuracy increases and can answer up to 75% of all questions. The monthly statistics keeps STRV updated about the bot’s usage and let them see every single conversation in the messenger window.

The clear advantage of the bot is that people can contact him anytime (24/7) and can re-engage in a previous conversation. The bot is fot Matolin a pretty great addition to the current communication channels when it comes to the company and the recruitment team.

Don’t give up control

Matolin states that chatbots are still too primitive to replace human conversation, but they’re pretty efficient to use for the transactional part of the job. It’s important that recruiters realize they don’t have to give up control of their recruitment process: they still take the key decisions and do, for example, the interviews. But why not let the chatbot do the administrative and transactional stuff?

Key learnings

Matej Matolin describes the following key learning points if you plan to go ahead with chatbots:

  • Don’t focus mainly on technical expertise, look for vendors with relevant experience in making recruitment chatbots;
  • Take your time. The complexity of the bot determines how much time the employer needs to spend to get it working like you want it to work;
  • Involve a professional for the copywriting;
  • Focus on marketing, so use the chatbots to increase the candidate experience;
  • And last but not least: don’t expect miracles. Chatbots are new and need to (and will) be developed over time.

Breakout: Chatbots for recruitment

In his breakout at Talent Acquisition Live in Amsterdam at the 20th of September, Matolin will talk about this key learnings and more. He will share the challenges their clients face when implementing chatbots and also the learnings they had. Most importantly: Matolin will share where the technology is today, what’s possible and what to watch out for. More about the breakout (and the rest of the program) can be found here.

About Matej Matolin

Matej Matolin is an HR evangelist, recruiter, manager, and advisor. He runs the most visited Recruitment blog in the Czech republic, organizes Recruitment MeetUps, contributes to leading newspapers and speaks at conferences.

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