Pre-event on the 19th of September: The Talent Unconference

Before Talent Acquisition Live, at the 19th of September, there will be a pre-event: The Talent Unconference. With open discussions and interacting with fellow HR & Talent (acquisition) professionals.

The Talent Unconference

Talent Acquisition Live will be at the 20th of September, the day after the pre-event: The Talent Unconference. An event without badges, keynotes and powerpoints, but with small interactive sessions about how to attract and retain the right people. The Talent Unconference is organized in cooperation with Bill Boorman’s The Recruitment Unconference (TRU).


All topics on talent are open for discussion. Talent Acquisition, Onboarding talent, Talent development, The future of the labour market, Flexible working, Robotics, Ethics on talent, Labour market discrimination, AI in talent and whatever you would like to start a discussion about.


You can get your ticket here. Entrance is by donation. Tickets cover costs for location, dinner, drinks and snacks. We are proud that much of the cost is covered by our Helpful sponsors: BrainnetTextkernel and Vonq.