Marcel van der Meer is a sourcing guru

Marcel van der Meer is a sourcing guru. At TA-Live he will be taking part in the sourcing challenge and giving a live demo on how he sources the best candidates using Amazing Hiring. How does one of the world’s most renowed sourcers find those candidates that everybody wants to find?

So as a sourcer, does he believe it’s a specialty only for sourcers or should every recruiter have sourcing skills?

Marcel: Every recruiter should have some basic skills for some basic searches. Sourcers should online focus on the really hard to find (or hard to get a response from) people. Sourcing is a specialy, so you should let the specialists do it where most value is added.

So how much of his or her time do you believe a full cycle recruiter should spend on sourcing?

Marcel: About 10% to 20%. That’s half a day to a day per week if you’re working full-time.

So a full cycle recruiter should have basic sourcing skills. But that recruiter skills should every sourcer have? What skill can a sourcer learn from a full cyle recruiter?

Marcel: In general, sourcers could learn from full cycle recruiters about stakeholder management. A good relationship with the hiring manager is essential for a sourcer to be able to perform really well.


What sourcing related technology do you love and why?

Marcel: I am lazy, (work smarter not harder). So every tool that makes your life easier or is a time saver are on top of mind with me. To name a few: AmazingHiring, ZAPinfo, Phantombuster & Zapier.


Going forward, do you think sourcing will become more a specialty in recruitment or will it be more a part of every recruiter’s job?

Marcel: Basic searches should be done by a recruiter. Unicorm profiles is a specialty and that’s where the full time sourcers will excel. At least for the foreable future.


Want to hear, and ask, everything about these topics? Join his session at TA Live on March 12th. Buy your tickets here.