Hear about how Lego’s recruitment operations work


Kirstin Birner is manager Talent Operations EMEA at Lego. Lego is of course one of the most well known toy brands in the world. It’s probably one of the most well known and recognized brands in the world. Pretty much everybody knows Lego and this has an impact on their recruitment operations.  So we are honored to have Kirstin speak at Talent Acquisition Live and to be able to ask her some questions upfront.


Kirstin, LEGO is a brand pretty much everybody knows and loves. Do you get many fans that apply?


I believe most – if not all – people who apply at The LEGO Group are in love with our brand and have a connection with it. Sometimes we get really creative applications. For example someone has build his application with DUPLO bricks and attached his CV to it. That was pretty cool!


This of course makes it super important to provide a great candidate experience to the people applying with us. Since we risk losing fans if we don’t. Especially those who are in an interview process. They should always feel treated fairly and receive feedback on time.


So having so many fans, does The LEGO Group have any hard to fill roles and if so, what type of positions are hardest?


Yes, for sure we also have these kind of roles. Digital roles are rather tough. Everyone is looking for these kind of experts in the market and we are probably not known as a famous tech employer (yet) 😉.


What would you consider to be the best thing The LEGO Group has in place as far as recruitment operations go?


That’s a tough question. I don’t think that these is one single thing that is great about The LEGO Group. Anyway, if I need to choose, I’d say it is the company culture and the focus we put on cultural fit.


So the culture is the greatest asset. From a personal perspective, what’s the coolest thing for you in working at The LEGO Group?


I love our products and that we are putting smiles on children’s faces. Also coming to a workplace everyday where you can see the products and also play with them yourself is still amazing to me.


What in your years at The LEGO Group is the coolest thing you’ve witnessed or experienced?


One of the best moments was our offsite team meeting last year. We were visiting our colleagues in Nyíregyháza in Hungary and had the opportunity to visit the factory, where DUPLO is being produced. That was super inspiring to me.


So do you want to hear how Lego’s recruitment operations work? Come and listen to Kirstin at TA-Live, March 12th in Amsterdam.