Yulia Bondar as an interim recruitment manager works with several ATS’s


What ATS is the best

Yulia Bondar as an interim recruitment manager works with several ATS’s, usually recruiting the same, mostly tech, candidates. So what ATS is best? Well, it all depends on what matters most to your organisation. She has extensive experience with three ATS’s” Greenhouse, Lever and Recruitee and will discuss at TA Live in depth the strenghts of all three of these.


But here’s a short preview:


I love Greenhouse because … It seems like they covered all the nuances. From all the options, Greenhouse has the most extensive functionality and broad variety of integrations possible – which makes your daily administrative work way easier


I love Lever because… of Nurture campaign feature – this is one of a very few ATSes which has a CRM function. So you can fully automate the process of nurturing talent pools , and, which is more important – to automate your sourcing activities. Just imagine – you program a campaign and reach outs are send by itself (sometimes from different people, let’s say from CEO or Team Lead), while you can spend time for more creative and strategic tasks!


I love Recruitee because … Of it’s simple and customizable ui. It looks like a trello board, and you can define each of the stage (what is not always a case with another ATSes). An affordable pricing is also a great benefit, especially if you are a raising startup or a scale up. It is also one of the best solutions for the first ATS ever been installed, as it provides you with pre-made front-end website page.


Want to hear, and ask, everything about these three? Join her session at TA Live on March 12th. Buy your tickets here.