Recruiting? Get over it.

Bill Boorman – Founder TRU
Recruiting? Get over it.
Intro tekst: Most organisations still hire the way they always have. Ok, theres a bit of technology speeding a few things up, but have we really just automated the things we don’t do that well manually? More admin than intelligence? In this session Boorman looks at why the future of Talent Acquisition lies firmly in HR. Job brand over employer brand, where learning and development and talent acquisition must be a single function. It is controversial. You wouldn’t expect anything less.
About Bill Boorman

Bill Boorman has worked in and around recruiting for the last 30 years, and is the founderof  #tru. He takes unconventional approaches to recruitment and HR problems and has worked for clients like The BBC, Oracle and HardRock. He’s currently in advisory boards several start-ups in recruitment technology and a well know keynote speaker that has been on stages all over the world, from Australia and India to the US and all over Europe.

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