First three speakers are known

The first three speakers are announced: Karen Azulai from,  Teddy Dimitrova from mycujoo and Sophie Theen from 11FS will give keynotes.

Karen Azulai,

Karen Azulai

Karen is founder of Everything Sourcing and the co-founder and editor-in-chief of HR TECH Nation. She is one of the leading voices of the international sourcing industry. Her keynote, named Using technology to augment your sourcing, will expose you to the most advanced options and show you how to stay relevant in these changing times.

Teddy Dimitrova

Teddy, talent manager a.i. at mycujoo, has a passion for innovation ánd shoes. The crazy rapid growth of today’s world is what drives and excites her, in combination with the world of sourcing, recruitment and talent management. In her keynote she will give a solid base to start building up your teams a year upfront – in a strategical way, under tight budget, while having fun.

Sophie Theen

Sophie has joined 11FS (a Challenger Consultancy) to define their ultimate working culture via a series of employer branding efforts. Her keynote will help you learn to recognise the talent types that thrive succesfully in this environment, the methodology to run talent acquisition smoothly and how to get your leadership to care about their people.