Meet head of global strategic talent sourcing at Philips


Charlotte Christiaanse is global strategic talent sourcing lead at Philips responsible for the High Value Target Company Program which got recognized internally and externally. She helped set up the first internal executive search function within Philips and is a thought leader  / strategic business partner with regards to finding and hiring those really hard to find R&D & Software candidates whilst focused on the highest quality talent.


We help our business leaders to make data driven recruitment decisions and are focused on the entire workforce (including contingent workers, campus and permanent hires etc.) As such, we make sure to hire the best talent for Philips (in terms of location, type of prior companies, costs etc.) and based on the market reality.

A quick preview of what she will be talking about.

Can you share one ‘trick’, one innovative way Philips uses to source those impossible to find candidates?

Use data in your recruitment strategy – for example identify where skills are located

You’re talking about aligning the EVP with sourcing. Aren’t that two totally different departments. The soft branding people and the hard sourcing people?

Recruitment Marketing and Talent Sourcing/strategic recruitment is actually focused on the same goal and on the same audience; we at Philips align therefore as much as possible on skill targeting, company targeting and location targeting via a variety of platforms – all of course aligned with the current and future business needs /vacancy demand

Why do you believe major corporates should have their own sourcing team instead of outsourcing their sourcing?

You have access to a lot of internal data (compared to agencies) and we have access to a lot of external data as well – and since we are also colleagues with our hiring managers we can explain the culture and articulate very well why candidates should consider Philips linking it to all the data we have access to.

What do you think of the role of technology in sourcing? Is it a must, or a nice to have? And any specific tools you are a fan of?

In the coming period the impact of technology will continue to free up time for recruiters. Mainly because less time will be spend on administrative tasks. We also have to realize that there will always be things that cannot be automated, like creativity, but Technology is a must we cannot move backwards from anymore. At Philips we have access to many paid as well as free tools I will think about my favorite ones! Nice Question.

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