5 reasons why you have to visit Talent Acquisition Live 2020

The 12th of March 2020 Amsterdam will be again the European capital of innovative talent acquisition. Discover how you can innovate your hiring with strategy, process & technology. TA Live is thé European event about recruitment innovation. Why can’t you miss this event as TA professional? In this article the 5 reasons why you must attend this event. 

1. Teddy Dimitrova is the MC

Last year Teddy Dimitrova told at TA Live what hospitality and recruitment have to do with each other. Her presentation made – rightly so – an impression and that’s why she will lead this edition as MC. Expect a lot of knowledge, energy and… beautiful shoes.

2. Hung Lee’s Recruiting Brainfood track

This year there is a special track in which Recruiting Brainfood’s Hung lee interviews TA professionals from e.g. Mollie, Booking.com and Elastic. With his weekly newsletter Hung keeps recruiters informed about the latest news.

3. Keynotes from LEGO and Philips

Charlotte Christiaanse-Pali, Global Strategic Talent Sourcing Leader at Royal Philips, will tell how to align your Employee Value Proposition with In-house Talent Sourcing. And Kerstin Birner, Manager Talent operations EMEA at Lego, will tell you more about how Lego recruits talent.

4. Akbar Karenga is present

Akbar Karenga is a recruitment geek from London who is particularly experienced in finding talent for large tech companies. On March 12th he will compare recruiting with the well-known battle between David and Goliath. In any case, we are curious.

And last but not at least…

5. It is international

TA Live takes place in De Nieuwe Liefde in Amsterdam, but not only with Dutch people: it’s an international event with attendees and speakers from all over Europe. This means that you can network with all kinds of European recruitment professionals.


Watch the full program here and get your tickets here.