20 Amazing breakouts on innovation in recruitment at Talent Acquisition Live

At the 20th of September 2018 Digitaal-Werven and Werf& organize the first edition of Talent Acquisition Live in Amsterdam. Founders Bas van de Haterd en Martijn Hemminga tell you more about the 20 breakouts in this video.


There are 20 breakouts. For example about automated talent pipelines, data driven recruitment, programmatic advertising, recruitment marketing, chatbots for recruitment and voice. The last two subjects are both changing the way we communicate trough the internet and both have a similar back-end interface, a conversational interface. The entire way we use the internet is changing again, to voice. We will be surfing, browsing and getting information with voice. Siri is like the matrix printer in the ’80’s The Amazon Echo is the iPhone 1. We need to be ready as recruiters and we are proud we can offer both subjects at Talent Acquistion Live in break-out sessions.


Check our website for more information and to register!

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