Corporate career sites research report 2019

What is the diversity on corporate career sites? How GDPR compliant are the privacy statements? What kind of content besides job descriptions can be found on career sites? And how many career sites offer a chatbot? These and many other facts about corporate career sites are published in the Corporate careers sites research report 2019 which can be downloaded on this page.

About the research

Dutch corporate careers sites consultant Digitaal-Werven has been doing research for 13 years among the 500 biggest and most well-known employers on their digital candidate experience. This year in cooperation with Talent Acquisition Live, the European Talent Acquisition Innovation event held on the 12th of March 2020 in Amsterdam, the report has been made available in English. At Talent Acquisition Live Bas van de Haterd, founder of Digitaal-Werven and co-founder of Talent Acquisition Live, will do a breakout in which he will present the do’s and don’ts for corporate career sites.


You can download the report below for free. We even don’t ask for your e-mail address 😉.

Corporate career sites reseach report 2019 (947 downloads)
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